5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be part of the Mozaik conference.

Join the annual conference hosted by the Mozaik Foundation, which is a two day conference taking place both in-person (hotel Hills Sarajevo) and online, starting tomorrow the 16th of February! 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be part of the conference.

If you’re not around but want to join, register here and join us online tomorrow https://bit.ly/3Jsh4J8

During this two day conference a wide range of topics contributing to positive activism, social entrepreneurship and investments will be discussed by and with outstanding speakers and panellists.

5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina is looking forward to this first joint engagement with Mozaik Foundation since initiating their partnership.

 One of 5MFBH’s main goals is to advance social and economic conditions in Bosnia & Herzegovina by building a strong worldwide B&H network and therefore we are excited to participate in the two-day conference held by Mozaik Foundation focusing on how to retain young talent and further develop Bosnia economically and socially.

Opening and closing notes Central European Time (CET):

Wednesday, 16th of February: Opening speech 1 pm – 3 pm

Thursday: 17th of February: Closing speech 11 am to 12:30 pm

Some more information about the attendees of the conference below.

Partners in the lonac.pro community - see who is there to support you.
Administrative and financial support in local communities - invest in B&H.
Investors, incubators, and accelerators - get acquainted with the opportunities for starting and financing a business.
Diaspora associations - connect with diaspora associations.
Youth banks in B&H - research grants for projects and microbusiness.
Startup study business portfolio - get to know businesses started by young people.
Philanthropic Forum in B&H - meet socially responsible companies, foundations, and individuals in B&H.

What can 5MFBH do for you?

The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
1. All persons who nurture the civilizational values of the Bosnian people and who are confirmed friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Database of companies in the diaspora that are owned or run by a Bosnian man or friend of BiH
3. Organizations & clubs in the diaspora and international organizations active in BiH


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