And we are also ambassadors of BiH

5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina participant in a meeting of BH Academics

Take 5 min to join the association 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina and connect to ambitious and creative people while using your expertise to enlighten others about our beautiful country!

Representing the association 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edo Sabanagic – the initiator, founder and president of 5MFBH was a guest speaker via a conferencing call at the BiH Akademici u DK meeting themed ‘I mi smo ambasadori BiH’ / ‘We are also ambassadors of Bosnia’ held in Denmark on the 19th of January 2022.

Edo Sabanagic, explained that the main goal with this association is to gather individuals, organizations, institutions and companies both inside and outside Bosnia & Herzegovina – who care for Bosnia and consider themselves friends of Bosnia on the 5MFBH platform and through its social media channels. His main message was that: ‘Thanks to social media platforms, every Bosnian and friend of Bosnia has the capacity and should put 5 minutes aside daily to be part of the 5MFBH association.

Moreover, the BiH ambassador in Denmark, Emir Poljo, was also part and the initiator of this meeting. He expressed his gratitude to all the young academics who are ambitious and resourceful citizens of the Danish community representing Bosnia in the best way possible. He also encouraged them to continue connecting with their roots and show the world what Bosnians & Herzegovinians can accomplish.

Lastly, Edo Sabanagic promised that everyone that joins the 5MFBH association will have a good time as Bosnia is the land of creative people who usually have a good sense of humor.

What can 5MFBH do for you?

The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
1. All persons who nurture the civilizational values of the Bosnian people and who are confirmed friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Database of companies in the diaspora that are owned or run by a Bosnian man or friend of BiH
3. Organizations & clubs in the diaspora and international organizations active in BiH


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