Association "5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina - 5MFBH" attracted the attention of leading companies and businessmen in BiH, participants in the conference "Reliability 2021"

The conference "Reliability 2021", which brought together successful and creditworthy businessmen, recognized the importance of networking of businessmen and individuals inside and outside of companies. Representing the 5MFBH Association and Edo Šabanagić, the initiator and founder of the 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina Association, spoke about the importance of connecting and creating networking of BiH businessmen, associations and institutions with the diaspora.

“The Association "5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina" recognizes the great importance of the diaspora in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, given that about half of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina originates abroad and is largely highly educated and among the best integrated immigrants in host countries, including children and the second generation. An organized and coordinated diaspora can be a strong ally in nurturing the values ​​of diversity and inclusion for all, outside and within Bosnia and Herzegovina. As we have identified the lack of quality and global integration, the 5MFBH Association will create platforms / networks, individuals, organizations, institutions and companies that share the historical and cultural values ​​of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all those considered knowledge of Bosnia and Herzegovina through scientific, cultural, economic, social, professional and emotional connections ", pointed out Edo Šabanagić, initiator and founder of the association" 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina ".

What can 5MFBH do for you?

The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
1. All persons who nurture the civilizational values of the Bosnian people and who are confirmed friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Database of companies in the diaspora that are owned or run by a Bosnian man or friend of BiH
3. Organizations & clubs in the diaspora and international organizations active in BiH


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