The 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina Association is a non-government, non-profit organization, without political, religious or ethnic connotations and all those who inherit and appreciate the civilizational values of Bosnian society. Originally an idea and project, 5MFBH was initiated by Edo Šabanagić, Founder and President of the Association, with the support of La Terra Nostra and the I-Diaspora (Switzerland), Consilium Bosniacum (Austria) and the Youth Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sweden (BHUF) (Sweden) to whom we have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The values that 5MFBH recognizes and cherishes are:
- Strengthening and networking of the BiH diaspora and individuals and expanding the strategic partnership among organizations and individuals of the BH diaspora at the global level,
- Strengthening the identity and development of BiH through mutual cooperation and a sense of responsibility to the homeland,
- Cooperation, assistance, dialogue and interaction with the aim of empowering each individual, which further strengthens the global structure of the BiH diaspora and thus creates a basis for stronger and more efficient action of the BiH diaspora.
- Nurturing and returning to the main values of BiH society: selfless commitment to the welfare of the community, help, cooperation and support, perseverance, goal orientation and hard work as the main characteristics of BiH individuals.

Successfully networked and partner-strengthened BiH diaspora that represents an important milestone in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the global level, and which nurtures BiH values, thus strengthening the role of each individual, organization, institution, partner, project or its image abroad and at home within the initial idea of the Association 5MFBH and to present BiH, Bosnians and Herzegovinians as a country of creative people.

What can 5MFBH do for you?

The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
1. All persons who nurture the civilizational values of the Bosnian people and who are confirmed friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Database of companies in the diaspora that are owned or run by a Bosnian man or friend of BiH
3. Organizations & clubs in the diaspora and international organizations active in BiH


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